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          The 365体育官网的合作伙伴关系 comprises 26 schools situated in 365体育官网 and the surrounding villages. Since its conception in September 2011 it has employed a team of 3 to support the development of the parent support & specialist services which also includes extra-curricular projects. The focus is on our community and the ability to be reactive to the needs of our families and students:

          • 帮助学校联合起来跑俱乐部,活动和服务,分享想法和资金,以确保资金和良好的价值为年轻人更多的机会,并使这些活动的长期稳定性。
          • 与慈善机构等组织,当地企业,大学和其他供应商连接在一起高效年轻人的共同利益工作。
          • 是为学校和伙伴组织的信息和建议的来源。
          • 发展感兴趣的人的网络,并支持倡议和发展提供少量的资金。

          更多信息,请访问: www.hitchinpartnership.org

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